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    User name Mindy

    Log entry time 00:08:55 on June14,2010

    Entry number 326379

    keyword=06/13/10 swing shift summary

    06:00 PM R-arm dipole fixed
    (see ha-log:326320)
    start the beam recovery; ramp up the beam slowly
    07:13 PM start transverse polarization data-taking on Pb/Diamond(#1)
    10:20 PM
    1) heard of the warning
    2) checked where the warning comes from
    3) the polarity of left-Q1 shows "P" in red other than green
    4) click on the nub next to I(A), the left-arm Q1 power supply window pump out
    5) show me "Main Power Off" in red; I truned it on
    6) click on "Negative Polarity" nub
    7) the current start ramping down to zero
    8) the sign has been turned to "N" in green
    9) the current is zero in red (want to ramp up the current)
    10) turn the power off; see nothing taking place; turn the power on again; nothing happened
    11) Pete re-typed the setting point of current to "zero" and entered
    12) the read-back of current starts changing from 582.025 to zero gradually
    13) once it turned to zero, Pete entered 100. Hence, the current ramped up to 100
    14) Once the current turned to 100, Pete entered the original seeting point (582.025), and the current started going up
    15) Once the current achieves to 582.025, the warning disappear...

    10:48 PM Pete helped restore left-arm dipole
    11:20 PM call Dustin

    run4504 33.1mC OK multiplets:22.0K
    run4505 114.0mC OK multiplets:70.0K
    run4506 129.6mC OK multiplets:79.1K
    run4507 131.7mC OK multiplets:80.1K
    run4508 115.7mC; OK multiplets:70.7K (L-arm cut: 0 - 200K)
    run4509 128.7mC; Ok multiplets:78.9K