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    User name Jixie Zhang

    Log entry time 14:44:38 on June 14, 2010

    Entry number 326514

    keyword=Run Coordinator Summary (6/7 - 6/14)

    Time: 6/7 - 6/14 Achievement: 1)Collected 4.9C production and 4.1C single arm data 2)Performed the following task: A. Q^2 measurment with GEM B. High statistics lead inelastic measurement C. Calibration for the cavity with amplifier D. Background study: left dipole scan, right dipole scan is pending E. Blinded tube test 3) Transverse polarization measurement. Collected A) 0.87C thick Carbon data (0.6M good multiplets) and B) 2.07C lead data (1.2M good multiplets) Important problem and events: A) Right Dipole (6/9-6/12, fixed) B) Right Q2 (6/14, fixed) C) Vacuum is not stable (4 x 10^-5), very close to limit (10^-4)

    Plan: Take production run till vacuum gone.