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    User name dalton

    Log entry time 17:24:38 on June14,2010

    Entry number 326535


    keyword=Wien flip story

    We have up until this week been doing Wien flips with the first Wien rather than the solenoids. Joe gave us these instructions for telling which flip we're at.

    >> V-Wien Slow Reversal
    >> VWienAngle=+90, Phi_FG=+90 = Flip Right
    >> VWienAngle=-90, Phi_FG=+90 = Flight Left
    >> Solenoids Slow Reversal
    >> VWienAngle=+90, Phi_FG=+90 = Flip Right
    >> VWienAngle=+90, Phi_FG=-90 = Flip Left

    On Tuesday last week we did our flip with the solenoids and then again on Friday. Without knowing that, the Friday flip looks incomplete (Figure 1: looking at VWienAngle and Phi_FG). The currents in the solenoids are given by the variables MFG1I04A.S and MFG1I04B.S and Figure 2 these values change.

    So, we are now in the same confiuration as pre 10:30 8 June which is
    flip Right. In between, it's not 100% clear to me where we are since we change the vertical Wien and both the solenoids at the same time and the Phi_FG variable doesn't change.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2