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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 06:43:55 on June17,2010

    Entry number 327029

    keyword=tungsten temperatures / beam tune

    Fig 1 -- temperatures

    The beam has been unstable, so we hardly see the asymptotic limit.
    The MCC says it's because we need better tuning at the injector.
    Experts have arrived, will attempt to improve the tune.

    I think this is why the Compton HV is tripping.

    Ch21 .... beampipe .... 1.0 V
    Ch22 .... Upstream Collim .... 4.0 V
    Ch23 .... Downstream Collim .... 4.6 V
    Ch24 .... Sieve box .... 0.57 V

    FIGURE 1