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    User name jmammei

    Log entry time 18:05:10 on June 17, 2010

    Entry number 327099

    This entry is a followup to: 327097

    keyword=call Bob to establish 70uA

    Once the target is cool call Jack to start ramping the right dipole and ask him how to safely turn on the other magnets while he is doing that (turn regulation on, but don't interfere with what Jack is doing with the right dipole).

    Call or page Bob so that he can come in to establish 70uA on the PbD#1. You can ask him if you should proceed with the normal beam recovery procedure to 50 uA until he arrives.

    Then make sure to watch the target vacuum and collimator temperatures while at 70uA, and do spot++ at 5uA using T5 to monitor the target density (as described in the beam recovery procedure) between every run unless Bob says otherwise.