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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 01:07:24 on June18,2010

    Entry number 327146


    keyword=set lower conv. gains on ADCs

    Per KK, I reduced the default gains on the ADCs for
    the CH crate.  Not sure if this will suffice, but I 
    reduced the conversion gain.  The integration gain 
    was already a minimum.  We'll need to monitor the
    raw signals as we get to 70 uA.
    Recompile happex3_ts and download.  The old one was
    saved as happex3_ts_50uA
    [apar@adaql1 ~/devices/crl]$ diff happex3_ts.crl happex3_ts_50uA.crl 
    <        adc18_setconv(2,2); 
    <        adc18_setconv(4,2); 
    <        adc18_setconv(5,2); 
    <        adc18_setconv(7,0); /* bump index due to dirty trick problem (check 
    this Luis) */
    <        adc18_setconv(8,7);
    >        adc18_setconv(2,5); 
    >        adc18_setconv(4,5); 
    >        adc18_setconv(5,5); 
    >        adc18_setconv(7,3); /* bump index due to dirty trick problem (check 
    this Luis) */
    >        adc18_setconv(8,13);
    <        adc18_setconv(0,10); 
    <        adc18_setconv(1,10); 
    >        adc18_setconv(0,15); 
    >        adc18_setconv(1,15);