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    User name M Friend

    Log entry time 16:34:44 on June18,2010

    Entry number 327368

    keyword=Day shift summary

    We are starting the shift with a problem with the right arm: the trigger rates are low in both the detector and the scintillators.

    8:00 MCC ready to deliver beam, start beam recovery procedure to go to nA.

    8:20 MCC having trouble delivering beam because the target ion chambers keep tripping (even at nA), so they are masking the ion chamber. We can run nA with it masked, but we cannot run high current like this.

    10:00 Called radcon for a survey/MCC to go to controlled access to check if the seive is in on the right arm.

    10:05 Fire alarm!

    10:24 Fire alarm is off now.

    It turns out the right arm seive was halfway in. It is now out, and the access is finished.

    11:32 Beam recovery/low current running is finished. We will start ramping (very slowly) to 70uA.

    11:48 Beam to 50uA. Will let temps stabalize before ramping anymore.

    13:08 Ramping to 55uA

    13:20 MCC cannot deliver 55uA because the target ion chamber keeps tripping.

    14:33 Ramping to 60uA

    14:44 Back down to 55uA

    15:10 Ramping up at 60uA

    15:40 Ramping up at 65uA

    16:00 Ramping up at 70uA

    Production runs:

    Run 4657 -- 88k multiplets/82.7mC

    Run 4658 -- 50.5 multiplets/48.9mC