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    User name Jack (Techs)

    Log entry time 15:00:56 on June 20, 2010

    Entry number 327770


    keyword=Right Dipole controller corrupted, again

    So, it appears that when things came back after the cycling of power on the Right Arm Slow Controls network switch, we can see that the Octagon controller for the Right Dipole appears to be hung-up. The current has increased at about 15mA in 2 hours. The software regulator is trying to set the current, the power supply is not responding. The last two times this was due to the Octagon controller being hung-up. Best guess is that whatever blast took out the network switch took out the Octagon, too. Whatever shall we do? Well, if people don't think the drift in field is intolerable we can keep running as is; PEOPLE MUST KEEP A CAREFUL WATCH ON THE RIGHT DIPOLE CURRENT!!! There is no guarantee the current will not take off at some inopportune time. If it does take off, push the crash button on the console in the Counting Room. The magnet will then dump. Not perfect, but probably not the worst thing that could happen. If people want to recover control of the power supply we will need to dump the magnet and then power cycle the supply after the current in the magnet reaches zero amps. Then ramp the magnet up again. We all know how long that will take.