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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:15:24 on June21,2010

    Entry number 327911

    keyword=Expt switchover, backups of online accounts

    Today I did the usual checklist for switching experiments
    as it affects the online accounts.

    Data files will be apex_NNN.dat.* where NNN = run number
    and will appear in the MSS area /mss/halla/apex/raw
    As of 17:00, CC didn't yet make this area yet.

    Backups were made in /mss/halla/XXX/raw/*.tar where XXX is
    happexsp or parity. This includes the parity database (~/db),
    EPICs files, scaler history, and the 3 online accounts
    adaq, apar, and a-onl, as well as the halog. The files *.tar
    have sensible names.