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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:04:01 on June23,2010

    Entry number 328077


    keyword=DAQ is ready. Today's mods

    The DAQ is ready for overnight cosmics runs.

    I put a cable to the ADCs in ROC3, so they are in the readout.
    All modules in both crates are in the readout.

    Pedestal suppression is enabled. The "pedrun" config generates
    pedestals in the usual way. For now, this only operates on the
    L-HRS, but adding the R-HRS will be easy (later).

    The DAQ was tested with pulser trigger T8
    There is no scintillator trigger yet.

    Keep in mind two things to do:

    1. Must turn on VDC thresholds !! Otherwise the noise will
    make the DAQ crash. Too many hits.

    2. The detmap will need to be updated for the VDCs. I'm assuming
    Sergey or someone like him will do it. All new cabling !