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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 18:20:22 on June24,2010

    Entry number 328138


    keyword=DAQ notes, changes

    I tried to get the R-HRS DAQ to run from L-HRS TS. This is the
    RightHrs config. It downloads and starts, but there are no events,
    as if the RS485 cable #22 were bad. It was bad last summer but
    allegedly fixed. So, I'll need to check some more.

    Then I tried the LeftHrs config. For some reason people turned off
    the Fastbus power, so ROC3 loses its NVRAM. Then there are no gates
    on any module. I suppose the L1A is unplugged from its old route,
    a casualty of the trigger work. Need to let this settle down, but
    I can see someone complaining tonight ("the histograms are empty").