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    User name brads

    Log entry time 22:31:19 on June 25, 2010

    Entry number 328238

    keyword=(Partial) magnet temperature test

    Tried to run a quick temperature test of a small 'APEX' corrector magnet this evening. Bit of a last minute thing, so I had to scramble for parts.

    In the end, the best supply I could find could only provide 6A (at 13.8V). I set that up and let it run for about 90 minutes while I poked around for better options (found a few duds, but nothing that could provide the right combination of current and voltage). FWIW, I measured the field in the bore to be about 1000G (at 6A).

    To do a full current test, we need a supply that can deliver 10A at ~25V (the magnet has R=2.3 Ohms).

    The temperature was measured at multiple locations on each coil and was found to be quite uniform during any given sample. One coil systematically read 1--2 degrees cooler than the other coil.

    The magnet was left on the 'BigBite Computer Table' in the Hall.

    These data are for the magnet at a constant 6A:

    Time    Temp
    [min]    [C]
    0        23.9
    14       30.6
    21       33.9
    43       39.4
    72       45.6
    92       48.3

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    Figure 1