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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 23:09:39 on June 25, 2010

    Entry number 328241

    keyword=Plan for the next coming shift

    - Do the sweep and go to controlled access
    - Finish trigger checks
    -- Monitor vacuum to see if it has an acceptable level. We will stick to
    Jay's criteria, one hour without spike above 10^-4. Page me and call Pete
    Markowitz in if that could happen in the next 30 minutes.
    --If vacuum is reasonable, in Empty target position. Ask for beam and do
    the initial beam checks and tune : harp scans beam size between 100um and
    200 um, check raster size, determine MCC units to get a 6mm x 4 mm 
    --check with MCC about CHL status, it seems it has been stable so far. If
    no problem with turn on magnets at half beam energy.
    Do the steps of the beam recovery procedure at current less than 5 uA
    but go on Carbon target instead of lead target.
    Once reasonable rate is established. 
    Detector check out can start.
    Ed will come in around 9 AM, he will call in about 30 minutes before
    coming so that request for controlled access can be done.
    If gauge works better take beam back to continue detector check out until
    Dave Meekins arrive around noon and start target cool down, request for
    controlled access when he gets started on the target cool down.