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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 03:22:52 on June 26, 2010

    Entry number 328273

    keyword=VDC TDC calibration HOWTO

    Here's a quick HOWTO for the VDC TDC calibration:
    Take data:
      white spectrum
      1M+ single arm triggers if possible
      only VDC and trigger scintillators necessary
    Replay & analyze:
      Log in as adaq
      cd ~/apex/vdc
      source setenv.sh
       .L replay_vdccalib.C+
       replay_vdccalib("L", 1095)   // 1095 is the run number
       .L calibVDCtdc.C+
    4 large panels pop up. Inspect the plots carefully. Red vertical lines
    indicate properly fitted offsets, blue lines, estimated values due to
    failed fits. Red trianges indicate peak(s) found, which should
    correspond to the drift time peak. If satisfied, copy data from output
    files (tdcoff_L_u1.txt etc.) into VDC database file under "TDC Offset
    Values", overwriting old values.

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