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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:10:31 on June26,2010

    Entry number 328410


    keyword=runstart / runend scripts updated

    I updated the runstart and runend scripts, so they display
    sensible values for APEX. I also updated the scaler.map file
    there. Note, it has a slightly different syntax from the
    one used by xscaler, for historical reasons. I added the script
    last_scaler to the end transition for ROC3. This generates
    the scaler data file needed by the halog script. Will need
    to "configure" the DAQ for this to take hold. I'll check with
    shift workers to "configure" before leaving.

    An experienced software person may be assigned to make further
    adjustments. I'm not sure the deadtime calculation is right,
    the online calc. needs to estimate correlations (an unfortunate

    To realize what to do, see ~a-onl/scripts/README.