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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:55:09 on June26,2010

    Entry number 328433

    keyword=datamon and deadtime updates

    I updated datamon. Type "datamon" from a-onl account on adaql2.
    (And datamonL is the same.)

    I assumed for datamon and for halla_scaler_process.tcl (which
    generates halog end-run) that every T1 is a T2. This gives a
    deadtime of about zero in the present config.

    I did notice that for a very short run (20 sec) the halog
    info is wrong, it may show a higher deadtime. I think this is
    because we did not bother to gate the scalers precisely by the
    run time (in principle should use the trigger supervisor to gate
    the scalers). So since the T1 rate is pretty high (few kHz)
    and there is a time lag between when the run ends and when the
    final scaler is read out, there will be an error in the global
    deadtime reported by halog. The error becomes smaller for longer
    runs. The error is correctable offline in any case, because the
    scalers are read periodically during a run. I guess it's good

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2