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    User name S. Abrahamyan

    Log entry time 04:57:25 on June27,2010

    Entry number 328668


    keyword=Pion rejector status

    Using HV tuning amplitudes on pion rejector were lineup within 15% for most of blocks. Detailed tuning was done with software coefficients in database. Database files db_L.prl1.dat and db_L.prl2.dat in directory 20100626 updated.
    The plot is reproduse correlation between prl1 corrected sum(L.prl1.a_c) and prl2 corrected sum(L.prl2.a_c).
    The only problem is all corrected variables in prl1 are multiplyed by 10^(-34) (prl2 is fine), probably some bug in analyzer.

    FIGURE 1