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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 06:50:35 on June 28, 2010

    Entry number 328872

    keyword=Spot check request on Pb target

    I just wanted to make sure there was a raster when running on the lead since the target is quite fragile. To check the health of the target, take a spot++ with raster on and look at the current distribution. Please log those information regularly. For high current operation PREX ran a raster of 6 mm x 4 mm on target. I would like to have a quick beam position calibration though before going to a larger raster to make sure the BPM are well calibrated since the ADC and gate were modified. The procedure would be to go to empty target with no raster, move the beam to several position 4 at least such has (-1,1),(1,1),(1,-1),(-1,-1) and take a spot at each position and see if informations from spot agree with EPICS. Harp scan would be nice too but I will check their status at the 7:45 meeting.