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    User name S. Abrahamyan

    Log entry time 09:47:57 on June28,2010

    Entry number 328898

    keyword=Pion rejection.

    Tonight Bogdan added the coincidenc between T2(S0 scintillator) and gas cherenkov as T5 trigger. We collected data with ps2=50 and ps5=1.
    From that data we were able to estimate pion rejection efficiency by that trigger. We ploted trigger types (figure 2) with cut on pion rejector (which is shown on figure 1). The number of interest is which ratio of pions were allowd by rejecting trigger T5. That number is N_T5/(N_T2*ps2), where N_T5 - is number of T5 triggers with pion selection cut and N_T2 is the same for T2 trigger, ps2 is prescale factor of T2 trigger. N_T5 = 10150 and N_T2 = 3260 (figure 2), ps2=50 which give us 0.64% rejection inefficiency. This analysis was done by using run 1289 the one with already adjusted HV on gas cherenkov.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2