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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:18:20 on June28,2010

    Entry number 328921

    keyword=new DAQ configs: TWOARM, etc

    I established the RS485 connection to R-HRS. Then made the
    new DAQ configs RightHrs and TWOARM. See ~a-onl/doc/howto.txt
    which I'll reprint and post in the counting room.

    I tested these DAQs and they work as "CODA engines" but of course
    there are many missing cables: no R-HRS trigger yet, and not
    Fastbus gates.

    Eventually the experiment will want to use TWOARM for all needs.
    The trigger supervisor is located on the L-HRS. One can do singles
    triggers on either or both HRS, and coincidence triggers, all with
    one DAQ. When it's ready I'll move TWOARM to the top of the list.