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    User name riordan

    Log entry time 17:11:58 on June 29, 2010

    Entry number 329157

    keyword=Present APEX Run Plan

    Since we will not have a working power supply for the corrector magnet
    until tomorrow "late afternoon" at the earliest, we will leave the hall
    in restricted access and work on cabling detectors and getting the DAQ
    functional.  Sliding everything down, our likely, present run plan for
    this is as follows:
    Tuesday Swing - Wednesday Owl
    Cabling, DAQ work
    Wednesday Day
    Continue cabling, RHRS dipole polarity flip
    When ready for beamline tests, sweep and go to beam permit (late
    afternoon Wednesday)
    Do Yves beamline commissioning
    The target work for the collimator removal, permanent magnet, and
    shielding installation will likely slide into Thursday day.  Target pump
    down will follow and cool down will need to be coordinated with Dave Meekins.
    Once the target is sufficiently operational, we can finish Yves' beamline
    commissioning, my hope is by Friday.  Hopefully by then the RHRS magnets
    will be running and we can start RHRS data taking with beam.
    As always, please contact me at the RC phone (757) 876-1787 or
    riordan@jlab.org if you have any questions.

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