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    User name ejensen

    Log entry time 19:42:05 on June29,2010

    Entry number 329162

    keyword=Pion rejection efficiency for high rate

    I did a study on the left arm pion rejection efficiency for high rate data taking. I performed the same analysis that Sergey did on Monday (see entry 328898). I used run #1334. The trigger types were plotted (figure 2) with a cut on the pion rejector. The cut that was made is shown with a red box in figure 1. I used (N_T5*ps5)/(N_T2*ps2) to calculate the ratio of pions allowed by rejecting trigger T5. The result was: (733*2400)/(5145*16000) = 0.0214. Therefore the rejection inefficiency is 2.14 %. The result of Sergey's low rate analysis (run #1289) was 0.64%. I think this is reasonable since run #1289 had orders of magnitude lower rates than run #1334.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2