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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 12:00:30 on June30,2010

    Entry number 329198


    keyword=trigger / daq status

    The R-HRS fastbus reads out now. The CODA config to use is
    "TWOARM". This should serve all needs. I left the older
    configs in the list, though, just in case.

    There are TDC 1875 in both R-HRS crates but they are not read
    out and not addressed. Decided to leave them there. Hopefully
    nobody will get confused. (1875 are slower, high-res TDCs)

    The students (Kurtis and Neil) are finishing the coincidence
    trigger, to be simulated by a pulser. They also need to adjust
    gate timing and plug signals into scalers and TDCs. I estimate
    they'll need 6 hours more.

    Albert and several others are doing cabling and related stuff.