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    User name M Defurne

    Log entry time 08:03:10 on May 06, 2011

    Entry number 358350

    keyword=Owl shift summary

    >>Shift Crew
    SL: Maxime Defurne
    TO: Paula Aguilera
    3rd: Salvatore Frullani
    >>Shift Summary
    00:00 Shift starts with run 4214 running on Ca48 with 40 uA. The Left HRS
    is on kinematics 5.05 and the right one is on kinematics
    00:55  Change kinematics of left arm by setting new momentum to 2.995. We
    also change the target to He3 20cm and the raster size to 3*3.
    01:10  Start the first production run 4217 on He3
    05:20  Low helium flow in Q1 Left arm. The value stays closed to 68 l/m.
    05:35  Helium flow comes back to normal.
    06:20  Stop the run 4222 because Hall C has to move the half wave plate.
    (it's  in now)!
    07:20  Weird sound which seems coming from the screen. But there is no alarm!
    08:00  There is still this weird sound. The run 4224 is still running.
    Run Summary
    --Kinematics 5.05 only with left arm--
    Run       Type          Good Events     Cumulated      Target 
    4215      Prod          244k            244k           Ca48
    4216      Prod          268k            512k           Ca48
    --Kinematics 5.2 for both arms--
    Run       Type          Good Events     Cumulated      Target
    4217      Prod          1.98k           1.98k          He3 20cm
    4218      Prod          2.13k          	4.11k          He3 20cm
    4219      Prod          2.1k            6.21k          He3 20cm
    4220      Prod          2.04k           8.25k          He3 20cm
    4221      Prod          2.09k           10.34k         He3 20cm
    4222      Prod          0.91k           11.25k         He3 20cm
    4223      Prod          2.15k           13.4k          He3 20cm