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    User name Zhihong Ye

    Log entry time 10:24:11 on March 07, 2012

    Entry number 364280

    keyword=G2p Status Update

    Beam can not read the main beam dump. Experts had a long discussion after
    the MCC meeting and came out with a list of tasks to find out the cause
    of the problem.
    We have ramped up our target magnet to 2.5T and MCC will cycle the Harp
    and check the beam location with Harps first. Then a control access will
    be requested for experts to go down the hall to check the alignment of
    chicane and BPMs, re-measure magnet fields, and redo calculations of
    Chicane fields and target field, etc.
    Diagonalizing beamline issue is the most crucial task we have today, so
    during the control access, we need to minimize the number of people in
    the hall and let all necessary experts can go down the hall together to
    find out the problem. All other activities that are not related to the
    beamline issue, please notify Run Coordinator first if you really need to
    go down the hall.
    After all works completed in the hall and before the hall is close and
    goes into beam permit, please contact Ed since he want to be the last
    person in the hall to complete the final check-out.

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