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    User name pzhu

    Log entry time 09:11:57 on March 08, 2012

    Entry number 364555

    This entry is a followup to: 364551

    keyword=slow raster size check and harp scan

    We take the 1H05A harp scan and slow raster size check during owl shift.
    For the slow raster size, it is about 1.8cm for 1.4V amplitude. picture
    can be found in 364541 entry
    For harp scan, I took for 5 points(for BPMA position):
    -1 -8
    -1 -4
    -5 -4
    +3 -4
    -1 -1
    for these points, (-1 -8),(-5 -4),(-1 -1) will hit the iron chamber and
    cause beam trip in high current, so (-1,-4) is near middle, since the
    calibration constant for MCC is not accurate. Toby can get the middle
    beam position from raster size check(from raster size and target move).
    1H05A harp is pretty better than before, I will try to get the rastersize
    from harp data later. harp scan history can be found in 364363 entry.