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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:08:45 on March 8,2012

    Entry number 364678

    keyword=revival automated ABU (check it)

    I've checked and adjusted the script that writes to
    EPICS variables HLA:bta_bm_present and HLA:bta_daq_used.

    This is for automated ABU. It should work with the new BTA GUI,
    just as with the old.

    The scheme is simple: we decide if beam is present and if the
    DAQ is used. Then write a 0 or 1 to the above variables
    corresponding to "no" or "yes". DAQ usage is the "or" of
    Left and Right HRS. It looks at the scaler for L1A.

    Based on these two variables, plus on info from MCC, the
    BTA GUI decides how much ABU, BANU, BNA, etc.

    Note, shift workers should always control the numbers in BTA !

    I'm using hac_bcm_average (I might switch this later to
    IBC1H00BCMAVG). I notice that with beam "off" these
    are reading nonzero. I don't see any reason to prefer
    one BCM over the other. E.g. hac_bcm_average reads nominally
    0.056 with beam off. Units are microamps. Zhihong tells me
    there is leakage of 50 nA beam from Hall C and the nominal running
    point is 100 nA. So, I set our cut at 0.06 (previously it
    was cut at 0.4). This produces results like below, which
    I think indicates the script works now. But: stay vigilant !

    Thu Mar  8 16:56:16 EST 2012 :  Beam 0.0984203   bm_present = 1    daq_used = 1
    Thu Mar  8 16:56:48 EST 2012 :  Beam 0.0563629   bm_present = 0    daq_used = 1
    Thu Mar  8 16:57:20 EST 2012 :  Beam 0.0563937   bm_present = 0    daq_used = 1
    Thu Mar  8 16:57:53 EST 2012 :  Beam 0.108242   bm_present = 1    daq_used = 1
    Thu Mar  8 16:58:25 EST 2012 :  Beam 0.105772   bm_present = 1    daq_used = 1