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    User name brads

    Log entry time 22:01:07 on March 10, 2012

    Entry number 365512


    keyword=GEp/G2p status update

    We had a problem with the RHRS dipole controller being 'stuck' starting last night. We continued with BCM, BPM, and a limited optics study until Saturday morning. Jack came in Saturday morning, we took a Controlled Access, and he was able to reestablish control, ramp the dipole down and reset the controller. BCM calibrations continued while we waited for the dipole to ramp back up to the production setpoint.

    The target group started preparation for production running around 2pm and we had a polarized target around 5:30--6pm. The optics matrix for the RHRS is not fully optimized, but is sufficient to take production data for GEp. After consulting with Doug we decided to postpone the remain optics study and get some data to disk. GEp is now taking its first production data.

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