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    User name yawei

    Log entry time 23:58:13 on March15,2012

    Entry number 366597

    keyword=swing shift summary

    Shift Leader: Yawei Zhang
    TO: Yuxiang Zhao
    3rd: Lamiaa El. Fassi

    4:00 starting shift with controlled access
    4:10 techs ramp up Q1
    4:25 LHRS Q2 tripped, follow the procedure on the wall to bring it back
    4:46 MCC finished their work on magnet
    5:40 LHRS VDC top and botom HV tripped
    5:52 Everyone is out of the hall
    6:00 Chris needs to do more work on target
    7:00 Chris out of the hall
    7:05 ramp up target magnet
    7:30 ready for the beam, call MCC and been told they are not ready to tune beam, waiting......
    10:05 MCC starting to tune beam
    10:50 MCC called beam off for 20min
    11:30 MCC starting to tune beam again
    11:30 Hall C change the Half wave plate from out->in