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    User name pzhu

    Log entry time 06:29:01 on March16,2012

    Entry number 366650

    keyword=center beam position check for g2p production run

    I checked the beam position in target when the beam back this night.
    First we changed the target position to 3942550,and the beam positionA in (5,5),run is 3210/22290(pic1)
    Then we changed the beam positionA to (2,4),run is 3211/22291(pic2)
    Then we changed the beam positionA to (1,2),run is 3212/22292(pic3)
    then we changed the target position to 4091425.run is 3213/22293(pic4)
    the beam hit the top NH3 target, since MCC can not move the beam position again(the beam will trip when the Y beam position(BPMA) lower than 2),we need to move the target position.
    we moved the target to 4016837,changed slow raster to 1.1V,run is (3214 22294) pic5
    then we moved the target to 3952940,run is 3215 22295, pic6
    then we moved the target to 4002622,run is 3216 22296, pic7
    then we changed the beam current to 100nA CW,pic8
    then we turn off the slow raster to make sure we get more accurate center position
    we are in the center. the new position is :
    IPM1H05A.XPOS 0.93211
    IPM1H05A.YPOS 2.13747
    IPM1H05B.XPOS -0.60739
    IPM1H05B.YPOS 0.804243
    I got this position while turned off the slow raster,
    100nA CW beam, and Mag Div is 2 for both BPM receiver setting(3 can not get the position).

    The new Hole#1 position is 4002622,before it is 4091425(we can not change beam position again because the beam will hit iron chamber and will cause beam trip, so the only way is move the target.)
    so the target offset=4002622-4091425=-88803

    FIGURE 1