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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 15:59:36 on March16,2012

    Entry number 366714

    keyword=day shift summary

    Shift Leader
    Leader: Ronald Gilman
    TO: Yawei Zhang
    3rd: Lamiaa El. Fassi

    8:00 TE in progress
    8:30 polarizing target
    9:00 north linac access for vacuum issue
    9:20 Vince is here, decide to take opportunistic controlled access
    for DAQ issue
    9:37 Vince goes into Hall for DAQ
    9:53 Heidi goes into hall
    10:20 turning HRSL dipole back on
    10:30 Vince and Melissa doing a few more minutes checkout
    11:30 Vince and Melissa out of hall
    12:10 magnet techs going into hall to work on chicane magnet issue
    12:30 everyone is out of the hall
    13:45 Hall c change the half wave plate in
    13:58 Beam permit
    14:07 Controlled access for putting the sieve slits in
    14:23 Beam permit
    15:48 MCC is starting to tune beam
    15:56 Ask 100nA beam
    16:00 Shift end