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    User name Jack(Techs)

    Log entry time 21:15:34 on March 27, 2012

    Entry number 367372


    keyword=EPICS channels for the Septa

    For the Right Septum the channels are:
    HacB_HPE1313A:0_Ch63 - voltage across both coils (scaling is ~20V/V)
    HacB_HPE1313A:0_Ch61 - voltage across the bottom coil (scaling is ~20V/V)
    HacB_HPE1313A:0_Ch60 - voltage across the top(damaged) coil (scaling is
    HacT_S2_LS450:FLD_DATA - Right Septum gaussmeter
    MBIGBOXM - Right Septum current readback
    For the Left Septum the channels are:
    HacB_HPE1313A:0_Ch61 - HKS power supply voltage out (scaling is ~30V/V)
    HacT_S3_LS450:FLD_DATA - Left Septum gaussmeter
    MITIRBCK - Left Septum current readback
    Cooling water temperatures, of general interest (maybe):
    HacB_HPE1313A:0_Ch42 - LCW supply thermistor (not linear/not scaled)
    HacB_HPE1313A:0_Ch45 - LCW return thermistor (not linear/not scaled)