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    User name M. Cummings

    Log entry time 00:08:42 on March 28, 2012

    Entry number 367382

    keyword=Swing Shift Summary

    Swing Shift Summary
    SL: Melissa Cummings
    TO: Konrad Aniol
    3rd: Sophia Iqbal 
    Expert Help: Tobias Badman
    16:00 Start of Shift, Hall is in restricted access
    20:00 Work in hall is done, called MCC for sweep
    20:23 Cycling left and right dipole to 2.251 GeV/c
    20:45 Sweep is done, Jack needs to do visual check of septum power
    supplies, Hall goes to controlled access
    20:50 Begin to ramp up target magnet 
    21:00 Jack is out of hall - going to beam permit
    21:50  C100 tripped off.  Also having trouble with FSD for Hall
    A...thinks its just a software problem
    22:50 MCC called to say they are still having a problem with the FSD. An
    expert has been called in to fix it.  Also, one of the fz magnets is done
    and they are having trouble connecting to it remotely.  An expert is
    looking at it but they may need an access to fix it.
    23:09 MCC needs to check out a power supply for one of the FZ magents. 
    Hall is going to controlled access.
    23:50 Back to beam permit
    24:00 End of Shift, MCC trying to tune beam into the hall