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    User name T. Badman

    Log entry time 00:02:48 on March30,2012

    Entry number 368215

    keyword=swing shift summary

    Swing shift summary

    SL: Tobias Badman
    TO: Konrad Aniol
    3rd: Sophia Iqbal

    16:10 Hall C flipped HWP
    16:45 Beam will be down for at least an hour. Taking TE and 3rd arm cosmic run
    17:24 MCC sending tuned beam to the hall
    17:45 MCC finished tuning beam
    18:00 Finished TE, requested 50nA cw to continue production
    19:45 Request beam off, switching to C12 for dilution run
    21:30 Moved back to NH3, changed HRS momentum to 1.927
    23:05 Beam down for about 1 hour, taking cosmic run on TA, baseline and TE (time permitting) while beam is down
    23:45 MCC called to restore beam

    Runs taken:





    Dilution runs for p=2.072:
    Carbon w/ He Slow Raster on: 3469/22505
    Empty w/ He Slow Raster on: 3471/22507
    Dummy w/ He Slow Raster on: 3470/22506
    Carbon w/ He Slow Raster off: 3473/22509
    Empty w/ He Slow Raster off: 3472/22508
    Dummy w/e He Slow Raster off: 3474/22510