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    User name kamyers

    Log entry time 10:35:35 on March30,2012

    Entry number 368345

    keyword=Beam positions slightly off nominal since 18:00 last night

    The beam positions are slightly off from the "nominal" that is on the whiteboard. The spot++ looks ok, so we will continue with these positions for now, but before the next dilution run we should check the hole target.

    Note, the beam positions were ok yesterday day. Around 18:00 when beam came back they were off. Also note that IH105B.XPOS and YPOS are no in the archiver (mya) anymore? Reads 3/27/12 at 12:37 archived of channel turned off.

    Whiteboard positions for 50 nA setting:
    bpmA: 0.5, -1.4
    bpmB: -1.7, -3.6

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2