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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 00:59:35 on March31,2012

    Entry number 368482

    This entry is a followup to: 368467

    keyword=various target crises

    Exciting shift.

    First, regarding HALOG 368467, the target pol. was zero simply
    because we moved to C12. The frequency readback says 140 MHz,
    but this is a false reading, according to James Maxwell. It is
    more like 70 MHz. When we put the target back in (later) it should
    be polarized and we are supposed to spend the night tweaking the
    microwaves to maximize the polarization, while ignoring the
    false reading of the frequency. I don't really understand it, but
    it seems to be a software problem (?) which the experts will fix
    in the morning.

    Next crisis: The OVS vacuum is going bad, says Chris Keith, who
    called in. It is in the 10^-5 range. Possibilities are that the
    pump is not running or a faulty ADC readback. He asked me to
    notify James Maxwell. I called James, he's looking.

    Then at 0:58 Chris called again and said he's coming in.

    In the meantime there were 2 or 3 yellow or red alarms about
    the refridgerator. I hardly have time to type this.