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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:01:04 on March31,2012

    Entry number 368676

    keyword=duplicate coda files

    Files that were duplicated recently. By def'n the 2nd is the
    file that was not yet in MSS. It may be the next run, or the
    one in MSS might be the next run, depending on the timing of
    writing to MSS. I will definitely fix this after g2p because
    I'm getting tired of it.

    filename .... creation date .... size ..... size of one in MSS
    /adaql2/data4/g2p_3504.dat.0 13:50 30 Mar 1678802944 319029248
    /adaql1/data4/g2p_40531.dat.0 00:32 30 Mar 1098678272 116490240
    /adaql1/data4/g2p_22539.dat.0 22:09 30 Mar 2099216384 140279808
    /adaql1/data4/g2p_22547.dat.0 01:04 31 Mar 1003814912 199786496

    commands to fix this
    mv /adaql2/data4/g2p_3504.dat.0 /adaql2/data4/g2p_3504_2nd.dat.0
    mv /adaql1/data4/g2p_40531.dat.0 /adaql1/data4/g2p_40531_2nd.dat.0
    mv /adaql1/data4/g2p_22539.dat.0 /adaql1/data4/g2p_22539_2nd.dat.0
    mv /adaql1/data4/g2p_22547.dat.0 /adaql1/data4/g2p_22547_2nd.dat.0