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    User name Jack(Techs)

    Log entry time 06:04:17 on May 17, 2012

    Entry number 385507

    keyword=Left Septum

    The Left Septum seems to be hitting a limit, either voltage or current. It takes a command to go to 1000 amps, both remotely and locally. However, it only puts out about 209 volts and 960 amps. I cannot tell whether it limits on the voltage or current. The rating on the supply is 250V and 1100 amps. It will take more than one day to find and correct this problem. Looking back through the Archiver I see it was set to 960 amps on the 14th, but there was clearly some problem with the current regulation. I missed that. When the Septa were set to 1050 amps the values from the Left Septum were not yet in the Archiver, so I can't tell if the Left Septum ever got higher than 960 amps. This problem may have been there the whole time. For stable regulation I would not go above 950 amps. Looking back through the Archiver things seem stable at that value. 960 amps definitely had some problems.