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    User name Deur A.

    Log entry time 08:20:04 on October 1,1998

    Entry number 2055

    keyword=shift summary

    Summary of the night shift (10/01)
    00:00 did an NMR measurement: 12 % target polarization
    00:09 began the run on empty target, collimators out, Ep=1.607 GeV/c)
    00:50 High deatime strongly corelated with the beam position given by HO3 x bpm: when the beam is well tuned, 60 to 70 % deadtime. It dropes to 20-30 % when the beam is of by x > 0.5. offset on the target position ? we decreased the rastering size to avoid the target walls.
    1:45 Q1 hadron tripped
    2:04 coda crashed (it started but was not taking events and 100 % deadtime). Had to reboot it.
    3:20 NMR measurement gave 22 % for the target polarization
    4:19 Q1 hadron tripped
    3:35 empty cell runs, collimators in, Ep=1.484 GeV/c
    4:45 empty cell runs, collimators out, same Ep
    5:16 coda crashed (deadtime at 100 %, rate at o Hz, no update of the data mon. and the number of events when we start a new run. had to kill coda
    5:45 NMR experiment, 26 % of polarization
    5:56 began run on 2N at 5 atm.
    6:44 lost Q1 hadron, end of the nitrogen run
    7:00 NMR :27,6% target polarization. As the polarization is high enough we decide to change the runplan and to come back to the production runs on 3He.
    7:10 begin 3He production runs at Ep=1.484, E=1.719, Theta=15.5 degree.