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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 21:58:28 on October 1,1998

    Entry number 2087


    keyword=half wave plate in - smaller asy

    After trying to improve the injector tune, on the theory that there was
    a helicity correlated scraping on an aperture, we didn't seem improvement
    in asymmetry. Then M. Poelker put the half waveplate in. This reverses
    all physics asymmetries. Result on the intensity asymmetry: It became
    +0.12% (i.e. smaller in magnitude and opposite sign). Unfortunately we
    fell asleep and let the run 1479 run for about 2 minutes with this halfwaveplate
    in place before stopping it -- but the first 7 million events are certainly with
    half-waveplate out.