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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 21:40:08 on October 2,1998

    Entry number 2164

    keyword=dhist standard histograms

    Some "standard histograms" for dhist were printed and put
    in the folder labelled "dhist", which normally can be found
    on the documentation shelf above the adaqh2 terminal.
    These histograms allows to judge what is good and what
    is bad (though you should try to develop your own judgement!).

    Also included are some short instructions to restart dhist,
    and a set of longer instructions with details.

    Some small problems noted: 1) The multiplicity has a big
    peak at zero. It seems to be no real problem since the histogram
    is filled for all triggers (I'll double check this). 2) The cerenkov
    histograms on H-arm are obviously messed up (we'll fix it).