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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 08:32:18 on October 12,1998

    Entry number 2700

    keyword=Scaler Q asy (probably ok)

    I realized overnight that since our runs where we compared
    the charge asymmetry from "pscaler" to HAPPEX and Moller
    were short runs (typically 500 sec), there is a "noise" of
    order 0.2% in the calculation of the asymmetry due to the
    time structure of gates. Doesn't matter for how we intend
    to use the scaler info, but is misleading for a Q asy. Could
    perhaps correct this (or add the short runs, or look at 1 hr runs).
    Also, still need to subtract the beam-off offset in scalers and
    analyze the random error correctly.