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    User name Deur A.

    Log entry time 14:19:06 on October 18,1998

    Entry number 3142

    keyword=Problem with dipole current setting

    We set the hadron dipole to 1.150 GeV/c. However instead of setting a current of about 380 A it was set a current of 1150 A. I set again the new value. The current setting did not update but was decreasing slowly with the current readout.
    It is the second time I notice this (see e94010 "hard"logbook # 2, page 10 (10/13/98, 19h 23).
    People have to be careful when they set a new momentum value and watch carefuly the dipoles behavior. Especially when we will have to set high momentum, we don't want to set the dipoles at 3500 A !