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    User name M. Liang, S. Incerti

    Log entry time 00:35:12 on October 21,1998

    Entry number 3230


    keyword=NMR/EPR calibration

    Did sets of NMR/EPR calibration with varying temperatures. Gordon wanted to measure the calibration after cooled down to 100C for 2 hours and pump with only one laser. Here are the results:

    Oct 20, 9:12pm: 170C, 3 laser; NMR: 9.01 mV
    9:15pm: EPR: ~36 kHz
    9:18pm: NMR: 9.01 mV
    9:22pm: change oven temperature to 130C, turn off two lasers
    9:36pm: set oven temperature to 120C
    9:47pm: 120C,1 laser NMR: 8.13 mV
    9:51pm: EPR: 32.3 kHz
    9:56pm: NMR: 8.13 mV
    9:57pm: set oven temperature to 100C
    10:06pm: 100C, 1 laser NMR: 7.89 mV
    10:09pm: EPR: 32.3 kHz
    10:13pm: NMR: 7.86 mV
    waitted for ~2 hours
    Oct 21, 12:03am: 100C, 1 laser NMR: 7.49 mV
    12:10am: EPR: 28 kHz
    12:14am: NMR: 7.42 mV
    12:15am: set oven temperature back to 170C

    The EPR frequency is the total frequency difference between the spin flip states.
    One thing we noticed that the polarization loss during the AFP sweep is quite small. The last EPR measurement was very noisy, as one can see from target logbook plot, which means the error in the measurement is big.

    A quick summary of the above results is summarized in the figure below.

    FIGURE 1