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    User name Saha

    Log entry time 19:13:09 on October 21,1998

    Entry number 3240

    keyword=procedure for non-invasive beam current calibration

    MEMO 62

    Topic: Non-invasive Beam Current Calibration in Hall A.
    Author: A. Saha
    Date: Oct 21, 1998

    Cautionary Note:

    At present the sequencer calibration code may have some bugs in it that is not fully understood and needs more work if it has to be safely and routinely implemented and understood. In the meantime, we are in the mode of just logging the raw data during the current calibration procedure. At present I have a simple algorithm which calculates the calibration coefficients of the two BCMs with respect to the Unser from the raw data. If there are any problems logging the raw data during the calibration procedure, contact A. Saha (x7605) or Kathy McCormick (x5071) at present.

    1. Preliminary Set-Up 2. Procedure for the Hall A operators. _________________________________________________________________