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    User name Burtin

    Log entry time 16:11:35 on October 22,1998

    Entry number 3249

    keyword=late entry concerning Pockels Cell Voltage study

    Last friday we measured the sensitivity of the charge asymmetry to variations
    on the Pockels Cell voltage.
    The scale for the knobs on the polarized source power supply are: 1unit=4.7 Volts
    Initial settings were:
    Left 631 units, Right 631 units Ai=(r-l)/(r+l)
    L=631 R=631 Ai = 1321.+/-42
    L=641 R=621 Ai = 784.+/-39
    L=651 R=611 Ai = 80.+/-56.
    L=621 R=641 Ai = 2209.+/-48.
    L=611 R=651 Ai = 3264.+/-81
    the data is summarized on the plot below and shows a
    slope of -74.ppm/knob unit. (which is -15.74 ppm/Volt)
    Remark: the state of half-wave plates is important for this studies and if one
    puts another half-wave plate in the laser beam then the sign of the asymmetry
    changes. At that time we only had one Half-wave plate in the beam (after
    the pockels cell)

    FIGURE 1