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    User name Adaq

    Log entry time 20:05:00 on October 23,1998

    Entry number 3335

    keyword=Gas problems???

    This evening I found the CO2 for the gas cherenkov counters just about run out.
    If I didn't know better I'd think someone had flushed the counters out without
    first checking to see if the gas supply was sufficient for the task. Plus, they would
    certainly tell me they were going to use up the remaining gas. But, they would only
    need to do that if they had replaced one of the phototubes in the Hadron arm's
    counter. And, since I don't see any entry concerning the phototubes I can only
    assume that this was not done. Unless, in some Clinton-esque pique, they were
    to insist no work was really done on the counters, since the mirrors were not
    touched. I'm also sure the base to one of the phototubes was not changed since I
    don't see any mention of that in the log either.