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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 20:23:27 on October 23,1998

    Entry number 3336

    This entry is a followup to: 2524

    keyword=H-arm Cherenkov PMT #9 delay cable.

    The delay cable (IEEE 802.3 style) (labeled 020) from the patch panel at the rear of
    the Hadron Detector Stack to the delay spool on the outside of the Detector Hut
    had a bad crimp on it's BNC connector. The shield of the cable was intermittently
    discontinuous at the connector, the barrel for the shield had not been crimped.
    This cable had been used for PMT #9 on the
    Hadron Arm Gas Cherenkov counter. Bogdan had previously shifted the delay
    cables over, to use a different cable. The delay cables were left in their shifted
    positions after the repair. If someone feels motivated to move the cables back to
    their original configuration it is ok to do so at this point in time.