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    User name Steffen

    Log entry time 06:00:30 on October 24,1998

    Entry number 3403

    keyword=New Water Calibration Constant

    I have taken a look at the Water signal done prior to the pump up of Armagedon.
    A fit to the heights in the X and Y channels yeilds the following results.

    X-Channel Y-Channel sqrt(x^2 + y^2)
    up 11.4 3.16 11.8
    down 14.9 2.69 15.1

    Average of up and down is 13.45

    This number is them muliplied by 1.012 (from Romalis' thesis) to yeild a Water signal of 13.6 uV

    I was able to extract the density of Amragedon by looking at the width of the D1 and D2 lines and averaging the two.

    To first order the calibration constant is:

    Cw = (thermal Pol./Water Sig.)(u_p/u_He3)(#density_water/#density_He3)(gain n the preamp durning the water siganl)

    Cw=(7.5e-9/.0136 mV)(1.313)(2482/10.5)(200) = .0342 pol/mV = 3.4 %/mV

    3.4 %/mV seems rather high but I think that it is probably close. I will enter it into the "Extract Polarization" vi as V1 under the Water Calibration.