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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 23:10:19 on October 24,1998

    Entry number 3517

    This entry is a followup to: 3514

    keyword=dhist problems -easy

    The problem mentioned in halog 3514 is easy to fix.
    There are files which control whether to plot or not the
    dhist histograms. They are respectively ~adaq/e94010/
    electron/onlana/hist_opt and ~adaq/e94010/hadron/onlana/
    hist_opt. The first column is 1 or 0 to turn on/off the plots.
    All this (and more!) is documented at www.jlab.org/Hall-A/
    equipment/daq/dplot.html. There is also a new TCL interface
    which turns on/off the plots and shows a red signal if some
    histograms are wrong -- soon to be documented by Marat
    Rvachev. It is backward compatible- you can edit those hist_opt files.
    If you feel adventurous or bored, type dopte or dopth on adaq account
    for E-arm (e) or H-arm (h), and maybe this TCL interface works.
    Hmmm... as I wrote this, I see the shift found what to do.